Mar 21, 2011

Casey Haynes / Will TV interview make things worse?

I guess most of you have heard of Casey Haynes by now, the guy that smacked his bully to the ground. He gets a lot of attention right now and i doubt thats good for him. I think it might backfire on him. I just read this article:

"A CHILD health expert has attacked a schoolboy's interview on national TV, saying he is likely to be bullied further because of the increased attention of his case.
Schoolboy Casey Haynes says years of torment led him to snap.
Casey Heynes, 16, says he suffered severe bullying most days at his Sydney school, Chifley College, with the abuse including being slapped, teased, and even taped to a pole.
The teenager became an internet sensation after footage of him fighting against a bully went viral last week.
"Everything just built up for three years and anger came out," he told A Current Affair.
"I wasn't really thinking. I was just like,'Yay. Finally it's over'."
Hundreds of Herald Sun readers have rallied to the support of the boy's actions, many posting comments on our website.
But speaking on 2UE radio today, adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg said the increased focus on his case was likely to trigger even more victimisation.
Casey was still a minor and didn’t have the maturity to understand the impact of his appearance on TV.
:The chances of retailiation is now increased, and … it’s sending the wrong message around retaliation," Dr Carr-Gregg said." (source: Herald Sun; read full article here)

I also recommend this Interview:

Any opinions on this?


  1. great post. looking forward to reading your next one

  2. That little kid is my personal hero! We can all learn something from him. Following!